Loading the VDBS Root Server Certificate to your browser

For FireFox:
1. Click here VDBSca.crt and choose to save to disc.
2. In your browser's Tools | Options select Advanced and pick the security tab.
3. Click View Certificates
4. Select the Authorities tab and click the import button at the bottom of the window.
5. Select VDBSca.crt from the file list and click open.
6. Click on each of the three "Trust" boxes and click OK.
7. Click OK twice again to close the dialog boxes.
8. (Optional, If you use Thunderbird) You will need to do a similar procedure to install the root certificate here. Go to Tools | Options | Advanced and under certificates, Manage Certificates. Install the VDBS root under Authorities by clicking import and selecting the same file as above.

For IE (This apparently installs the root certificate key for Outlook as well):
1. Click here VDBSca.crt and choose Open.
2. Select Install Certificate.
3. The Certificate Import Wizard opens, click Next.
4. Allow the wizard to Automatically select he cert store. next.
5. Click on Finish.
6. Click Yes when asked if you want to add to your certificates store.
7. Click OK.

If you use both browsers, you will need to do this for each.

You can test your installation by clicking here. If you see the lock icon on the bottom of the page and warning messages, you correctly installed the VDBS root certificate.